Are you heart-led?  Do you get lonely in your therapy practice?  Do you sometimes wish you had someone who understands what running a therapy business is like?  Do you feel unsupported by your professional body (or not even have one for your therapy)? 

Join in a meeting today and finally meet your ‘tribe’!

Come Along to Our Meetings Here:

Every Month we hold several meetings for all Therapists from any Genre of therapy.


Meetings are designed to give Therapists support and friendship through the trials and tribulations of running your own business.  Also to have colleagues to discuss matters with and a shoulder to lean on can prove priceless!

Not a member yet?  Meetings are available for members of The Therapists’ Network.  You may attend two meetings free before being asked to join.  Why not come along and check us out?  Or you can JOIN HERE 🙂

Here are some of the things members say about coming to our online meetings:

  • I am heart-led
  • I am motivated from meetings to do my job
  • Great Support network
  • An open-minded learning aid
  • I always walk away from a meeting with something new
  • The Strength is the people within the network
  • It provides invaluable support and friendships
  • I’ve met therapists that I otherwise would not have met
  • Feeling of togetherness
  • It is empowering therapists
  • Sense of oneness
  • They are confidence-building
  • I feel fired-up and enthused about my business as a therapist
  • It’s non-stressful
  • There’s no pressure to find leads for other people
  • BUT have the time to grow relationships to refer to someone I can trust
  • I get creative ideas for our businesses
  • It has a feminine energy
  • I feel like someone has my back
  • It does not feel like a chore to come along
  • They are non-judgemental
  • We are self-supportive
  • It is collaboration in practice
  • We talk from the heart and not the head
  • I like to meet people with different specialities
  • I always learn something
  • They are super exciting
  • I found ‘my tribe’
  • I feel like I belong
  • I felt unsupported by my professional body and needed something more
  • I get collaboration and support
  • I have formed an emotional connection with another therapist
  • We are working through business problems together
  • Those with more experience support those that are new to their practice
  • It’s a safe space to share
  • What’s said in the room stays in the room
  • There’s a richness in the experience of meeting someone you would not otherwise have met because of distance.
  • Meetings are unregimented yet productive
  • You can tell people what you want/need and they will happily help you.

Would you like to share your expertise?  Why not give a talk at one of our meetings?

Please note.  Due to some of our volunteers having to isolate, being ill themselves or having close family members ill, some meetings may have to change at short notice.  All current support meetings available for our members are listed below.

Any queries please call Claire on 07816161274 or email

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. xx

Why  networking with therapists is important to me

– By Fazlin Blakemore, Soothcity Mobile Massage

I qualified in South Africa in 2002 and after working in Spas, Hotels & Gyms I went to work onboard cruise ships for a few years.  I moved to the UK in 2008 and worked in various sectors before starting my own business in 2017 as a mobile massage therapist. I had no industry connections, no network knowledge or knowledge of the social etiquette aspect of running a business in a town I settled in but whose culture is very different from my own.  I knew my craft but was very unsure and not confident with the rest of it.

I diligently obtained insurance and professional body membership to verify that my certification were legitimate and accepted in the UK but something was missing; talking to my peers about issues mostly therapist have like charging for a service when we feel our talent is a gift to share.  I joined the therapist network and met therapists of all modalities and formed professional relationships and friendships, I learned all about different modalities I would not necessarily be interested in and it was a platform to ask all the questions I needed answers to.

The therapist network is a supportive environment where you safely ask questions from other professionals and also gain valuable business soft skills as well as earn CPD points.

Thanks to the confidence I gained from attending these meetings , I’ve managed to build up my business from scratch to a business that is self sufficient and that had obtained a trademark and has a business plan for the future. It was a solid foundation and the ongoing meetings are also a way to relax in the company of like minded people knowing that everything from weakness to problem solving is all confidential.

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