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Why should I write a blog?

What is all the fuss about?  Why should you waste your time writing a blog?  Wait a minute…. What is a blog???

8 Ways to improve your mental health - happy woman

8 Unique Ideas For Improving Your Mental Health

No matter your age, it is always important to prioritize your mental health. By doing so, you can live a more enjoyable life that is free of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, The Therapists’...
Coaching Session with Claire Hirst

How do you know if coaching will work for you? Get your first coaching session FEE-FREE.

Before we start please take note of My Mental Health Pledge: I offer a whopping 50% Discount for silver and gold members of The Therapists Network! This is my pledge to support those that are...

Could You Start A Coffee Morning In Your Area?

We are currently looking to recruit Volunteer Coffee Morning Leaders to start a group in their local area. The Therapist Network will provide you with training, support via Whatsapp and/or our...
get great cheap coaching through The Therapissts' Network

Want a Coach? 5 Reasons to get Professional and Practical Guidance.

Do you keep having the same frustrations?  You might like to try using a coach. Are you going nowhere fast with a particular area of your work or life?  A coach can help. Do you need someone on your...

We are a supportive group of therapists aiming to provide a ‘hub’ of all things useful to Therapists.  Including coffee mornings, zoom meetings, training, discounts and more…

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Get real time support in your Therapy Practice by utilising FREE meetings for members, FREE coaching groups for business and tech and also Training and CPD provided by our members, for our members.

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Get business tips as a Therapist who is growing a practice, re-watch past meetings, find articles about different therapies, training, special offers to members, volunteer opportunities and more…get it all here!

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You have your own personalised profile where you can ‘friend’, message and chat with your colleagues, arrange to swap skills, look for advice and more… 

You can also add your own articles, events and more PLUS we will share them on our social media for you too! 

“I am passionate about supporting Therapists to be the best they can be at their chosen passion without ‘running the business’ getting in the way.

 If being a member of The Therapists’ Network helps, even just a little bit, then they can ‘pay it forward’ to their clients (and the world) and I will be a very happy lady!”

– Claire Hirst – CEO
Therapists Network Owner/Operator, Claire Hirst

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