My hands hover over the keyboard, shaking with anticipation at the words that will flow forth and I wait…. and I wait…. and I wait some more and nothing comes!

It was only last night when I was sitting on the sofa watching boring tellybox,  I had the sudden inspiration hit me for have something I was going to write a blog about!  And had I got up there (to my office) I’m sure my creativity would have flowed no-end. But now today, when I’m in the office and ready to write?  Nothing, Nada it’s so frustrating.

A Notebook can be helpful to overcome writers block

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I found myself sitting staring at the computer screen having procrastinated for the last 7 weeks over writing a goddamn blog only to get writer’s block. 🙁

But have no fear my friends!  For I do have a solution!!

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, you have ideas and don’t know where they’ve gone, then just do these simple things to get it all flowing again and keep your website happy!


  1. Swap Writing Tool.  Are you trying to type something have you thought of using a pen and paper?  Instead swap the thing you’re using to write with for something different. Sometimes just a change in this can be enough to spark that creativity and get your ideas flooding back again
  2. Brainstorm.  Get a piece of paper and dump everything out that you can possibly think of around your chosen topic(s),  chuck it all down and have a look through, highlight out all of the ‘juicy bits’ that you think might look interesting.  It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ right now just a few juicy bits.
  3. Do not be a perfectionist.  There’s nothing that makes you want to write less than making sure you write perfectly, so whatever you do, ditch that perfectionism.  Just write down anything, you don’t have to publish it straight, away you are allowed to edit you know 😉
  4. Create an ideas playground.  Keep something with you that you can make notes on, whether it’s a note taking app on your phone or a pen and a notepad, every time you have that little idea (while sitting on the sofa watching EastEnders for example ), jot it down.  This will help you when you’re actually sitting ready to write your blog . Genius!
  5. Create an idea dump area.  If you’ve got more than one idea that you want to write about at the same time and you’re afraid of forgetting one, then just open a document or have a piece of paper to one side where you can drop down the idea that you’re not currently writing about.  Come back to it later.
  6. Once you know what you’re going to write about,  just use one line to summarise the entire purpose of the blog before going ahead with more.
  7. Call a friend and explain to them what it is that you want to write about sometimes it can be easier to say the words rather than write them.
  8. Give yourself a little break put the kettle on and sit quietly for a moment, and no that doesn’t mean on social media!

Do you ever get writer’s block?  Have you ever overcome it?

Let me know in the comments below if I missed anything on this list I’d love to hear your thoughts.