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Amanda Chivers and Claire Grant
2nd Wednesday of Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
11 January---
8 February---
8 March---
12 April ---
10 May---
14 June---
12 July---
2 August---
11 SeptemberOpening Meeting--
9 OctoberBusiness Surgery
13 November20 min TalkTim MarrisThe Vagus Nerve
11 DecemberChristmas Fun!


Kate Munden and Nikki Lofting
Second Monday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
14 January Huor WorkshopDigital FireflyHow to Market your Therapy Business
20 February20 Min TalkNikki LoftingFoot Reading
11 MarchBusiness Surgery-
8 April20 Min TalkAnnie NijuisReflexology
13 May20 Min TalkJo MorphyBeading for Theraputic Care
10 June1 Hour WorkshopWillow McIntoshCreating Online Courses for Therapists
8 July1 Hour WorkshopUsineg a Character Diamond to Brand Your Therapy Business
12 AugustTBC
9 September20 min WorkshopAnwen Cooper from Fruitful MarketingIn this interactive 20 minute workshop, you will get the chance to review your current approach to marketing to see how you can improve and create a bigger and better impact in the world. You will learn some simple ways to feel more on top of your marketing, and get clearer on the priority areas to focus your time and budget so you can avoid wasting effort on marketing that doesn’t work. You’ll leave feeling clearer and more confident about how to reach more customers more effectively so you can take your business to the next level.
14 October20 Min TalkLinda BishoppThe Importance of Supervision
11 November1 Hour WorkshopNikki Lofting and Annie NijuisBook Keeping Top Tips for Small Businesses
9 DecemberChristmas MeetingReflections on the Year


Haya Kalechman
First Thursday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker's NameTopic
7 JanuaryBusiness Surgery-
7 February
7 March20 Min TalkNaomy Browton
4 AprilBusiness Surgery-
2 May
6 June1 Hour WorkshopLinda BishoppMarketing on a Low Budget
4 JulyBusiness Surgery-
1 August
5 September20 Min TalkHaya KalechmanAcceptance V's Tolerance - how it is changing
3 OctoberBusiness SurgeryAngela Oakes
7 NovemberJust Networking
5 DecemberChristmas MeetingClaire HershmannDivorce over Christmas


Melody Cheal and Janet Brown
Second Thursday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
10 January1 Hour WorkshopClaire HirstWebsites Content V's Design
14 FebruaryBusiness Surgery-
14 March20 Min TalkKate MundenEnergy Psychology
11 April1 Hour WorkshopNicola MacDonaldMarketing Strategies
9 May
13 June
11 July1 Hour WorkshopLinda BishoppMaking the Most of Networking and Raising Your Profile
8 AugustBusiness Surgery-
12 September20 Min TalkJanet Brown
10 October1 Hour WorkshopClaire HirstHow Google Works
14 NovemberBusiness Surgery-
12 December20 Min TalkLucinda Weis


Victoria Sparkes
Fourth Monday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
14 JanuaryBusiness Surgery-
11 February20 Min TalkMarcia TillmanTapping - TFT
11 March1 Hour WorkshopDitsy MediaMarketing
8 April20 Min TalkLaura MurphyWayfinder Women
13 May20 Min TalkKate MundenTRE
10 June1 Hour WorkshopEmma PierceMarketing
22JulyBusiness Surgery-
23 September20 Min TalkBevery PritchardTBC
28 October1 Hour WorkshopNikkyTBC
25 NovemberBusiness Surgery-
16 DecemberChristmas MeetingNetworking and Planning for the Year Ahead


Julie Taylor and Marcia Tillman
Third Wednesday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
16 January1 Hour WorkshopIma RixHow to Market Yuor Business
20 February20 Min TalkChristine NeeCouples Counseling/Sex Therapy
20 MarchBusiness SurgeryPlus talk from Jo Murray
17 April20 Min TalkRosmary
15 May1 Hour WorkshopClaire HirstWhat is Blocking You Regarding Money
19 June20 Min TalkLinda BishoppTrauma Informed Therapy
17 July20 Min TalkChris HardingPlay Therapy
21 August20 Min TalkElizabeth HartleyMBIT Coaaching
18 September1 Hour WorkshopChris Corfield of Ginger PixelsGoogle and your Business
16 October20 Min TalkMarcia TillmanTapping - TFT
20 November1 Hour WorkshopCarol MaceyGoaal Mapping for Your Business
18 DecemberChristmas PartyBring Your Christmas Acessories and Mince Pies etc!!


Janet Blake
Second Thursday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
10 January
14 February
14 March
11 April
9 May
13 June
11 July
8 August
12 September20 Min TalkMary MullanyHow Crative Art can Bring Out the Unconcious Mind
10 October20 Min TalkLinda BishoppHow to Recognise Trauma in Your Clients
14 November20 Minute TalkClaire HershmannTBC
12 DecemberChristmas PartyBring your Chrsitmas Acessories and Mince Pies etc..!!!


Claire Hirst
4th Monday of the Month
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
28 January1 Hour WorkshopKaren DaviesGraphic Design
25 February1 Hour WorkshopNatalie ThompsonAccounting and What You Can Deduct (Claim)
25 March 1 Hour WorkshopKaren CresswellBranding v Marketing
29 April20 Min TalkChris HArdingSand and Play Therapies
20 May20 Min TalkVictoria Smith-GillardWhat Your Dog is Trying to Tell You
24 June1 Hour WorkshopLiz AlmondHow to systemise your wisdom to make your practice more profitable and to serve and attract more clients
29 July20 Min TalkHaya KalechmanRelationship Therapy
19 AugustPicnic in Mote Park-Relaxed Picnic, bring the kids!
30 September20 Min TalkLinda BishoppBoundries in Therapy Practise
28 October1 Hour WorkshopJen TaylorHow to Use Facebook inYour Business
25 NovemberBusiness Surgery-
30 DecemberChristmas PartyFun, Games and Snowflake Updates!


Starting Monday 7th October 2019
First Monday of every month
Georgia Robinson-Steele
DateTypeSpeaker NameTopic
7 OctoberOpening Meeting and Welcomes!
4 November101 Business surgery
2 DecemberChristmas Meeting