Greetings fellow “Multipreneur“!

Not sure if you are one?  I can help.

Do you immerse yourself in many projects, burst with ideas and sometimes jump from one thing to the next.  Your brain hungry for more learning on the topic that currently fascinates you?

Do you learn things quickly but worry that you lack focus.  Have you tried to specialise but get bored and want to do more…and more.  Do you LOVE to help people?

Are you highly sensitive and suffer from overwhelm?  Do you NEED structure?

Do you squirm to decide what to say when asked ‘what do you do?  Did you struggle to decide what you wanted to be ‘when you grow up?

You are very much not alone. 

In fact, it’ll surprise you to find that you are, in fact, one of a very important group of intelligent, multi-faceted, ‘out-of-the-box thinkers who have a unique ability to synthesise ideas and pull things together in ways never before imagined.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well of course it has its downsides but read on lovely person.  It’s time to discover your true calling (hint, you have more than one).

You’re very lucky.  Because, despite popular belief, if you want to do everything you can, and you should!

When you understand who you truly are deep down you will lose all feelings of shame, guilt, low self-esteem, fear of inaction and frustration (from trying to conform to ‘the norm’).  You are what’s known as a Polymath (Scanner, Multi-Potentialite, multipreneur etc).  You fit in with well-known thinkers from the renaissance such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle and more…

If discovering new things fills you with delight, if using this to help other people makes your heart sing, then respect your curiosity.  A wandering path of enthusiastic discoveries will intuitively lead you to your deepest satisfaction – in your career and across all aspects of your life.

I will be writing and teaching more about your great gift in the coming months.  But for now, I advise you start to following some tips to begin to take you to a place of self-forgiveness and multi-enlightenment!

When considering swimming in a sea of passions and ideas:

  1.  Start Small
  2. Start NOW
  3. Start everything
  4. Don’t expect to finish any of them
  5. Respect your curiosity
  6. When following your heart, leave the credit card at home!
  7. Don’t ask yourself if an idea will lead to success, instead ask yourself if it will make you happy.  Follow those paths.

Are you (or could you be) a multipreneur?  Do you, or someone you know have these key features?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to speak to like-minded people 🙂

Claire xx