Are you failing??

One of the things that happens time and time again for my coaching clients is a feeling of not being able to fit enough into a day or get everything done. The word ‘should’ is a word (and a feeling) I discourage. When you “should all over yourself” it makes a big mess and it’s really hard to clean up”!
We live in a world where all we see is peoples ‘best face’. Hardly anyone posts or talks about when they are failing. Yet 100% of my time is spent being imperfectly human. I see this more often with right-brained women, but anyone can fall victim to ‘superman syndrome’ in a digital world.
So cheers to the ‘failures’. Guess what, we all are in some way. And that’s perfectly OK. You are just right. As you are. Right now. At this moment (every moment). There is NOTHING wrong with you!
So share with me the ‘failure’ you are most proud of or learned the most from. Tell me, what is making you imperfectly human today?
I’ll go first – see comments…