We hear a lot about the pressures of modern life, as if stress and overwhelm are normal these days. There are a number of ways to help people lower their stress levels and improve their health.

One approach is working with a coach.

A recent client of mine was completely overwhelmed with everything going on in her life and work. This client had almost the full house of pressures. Pressure to succeed at a new job, family demands, a new relationship and her rented house was being sold by the landlord. In the middle of all this she felt she had lost control of her life and was struggling to sleep at night.

In our sessions we worked on clarifying each of the issues in turn. We identified which ones she had an element of control over and how to approach each one.

Each session was driven by the topics foremost in the client’s life. Early sessions focussed on regaining control of her work life. One week, after a particularly bad run of sleepless nights, we worked on techniques to get a decent night’s sleep.

We also spent time examining her expectations of the new relationship, asking her children to help out occasionally and, probably most importantly, how to carve out some time for herself.

Replenishment and self-care is vital for us all. We revisited the types of things my client used to enjoy, having manicures, walks in the country and physical therapies.

Today this client is working in her dream job, her new relationship is burgeoning, she has time to look after herself and socialise again. Her life is dramatically better. It’s all down to her and the support of a coach helping her see what is inside herself.

Donald MacDonald – macdonaldcoaching.com


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