A combined effort

Conditions such as dementia, diabetes, autism, ME and fibromyalgia have increased dramatically over the last few decades. This has been attributed to aging population, poor diet, reduction of nutrients in food, increase in stress from modern living, lack of exercise, greater pressures of work, breaking down of family structures and increased pollution both chemical and electro-magnetic.

Each of us is working in a specific area, becoming experts in our fields. We concentrate on narrow parameters, aiming to be the best. The problem with many of the ‘modern conditions’ is that they are multi faceted. Looking at a condition from one specific angle does not always resolve the problem and we cannot become expert in every aspect, it is not practical. We want the best for our clients and that requires a combined approach.

The bottom line is that none of us can work alone any longer. We need each other in order to give a complete service. When I survey a clients home to identify potential environmental problems I may become aware that they need others expertise, such as nutritional and exercise advice or counselling. I am not qualified in these areas so a referral to an appropriate expert is necessary. We cannot work in isolation any longer, lets value what we do, understand our limitations and work together for the highest good. Our clients will have a greater chance of improvement.

Why would you need me as part of your team? I can identify environmental problems that affect health and then offer solutions. The areas I include in survey are:-

  • Electromagnetic pollution- wi fi, electric and magnetic fields, faulty electrics
  • The quality of lighting
  • Pollutants causing sensitivities found in household and personal care products, furniture, clothing and printed materials etc.
  • Ventilation
  • The land on which your home was built.

I need to work with therapists, nutritionists, exercise experts and counsellors

By Sue Woodley, Estea Healthy Environments. www.esteahealthyenvironments.co.uk


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