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Take a look at the feet above, what is the first thing you think? For some it will ugh, I cannot stand feet, especially my own. For others, like me, it will be, hmmm, there is a lot going on here!


My name is Nikki Lofting and I have been a Reflexologist and Holistic Therapist for almost 20 years, about 5 years ago I officially added Foot Reading to my list of skills. I had dabbled before but now I was going to attend an actual training with a well-known Reflexologist and Foot Reader. Excited was putting it mildly! The training was 2 intensive days spent with a small number of others and my hero, Jane Sheehan. We learnt, we laughed and we made friendships that have lasted since and I am sure will continue. I have attended the worlds’ first-ever Foot Reading Conference, met other international Reflexologists and Foot Readers, yes, there are more of us all around the world, and once again made some wonderful friendships that I am so glad to have had the chance to make. There was a lot of checking out anyone with their feet on show I can tell you!

Now, I am sure you are reading this and thinking ‘this is lovely, but what on earth is Foot Reading?’

So, settle down with a cuppa and let me briefly explain. Reflexologists can tell a lot about someone by looking at their feet, we can feel where areas, or reflexes, are out of balance, however, we can also with a bit of training tell a lot about a person’s personality just by looking at the feet. It is not fortune telling, this is the first thing I need to explain, I cannot tell you how many children you will have or how long your life will be.

Foot Readers read across and down, each area is a zone and each zone has a meaning, even the toes can tell me about the individual.

Any blemishes or the colour of nail polish used will also tell a story. The top of the foot is what we are happy to show the world and the underneath is what we would rather not show. The left is present and the right is past. Let’s go back to those feet above shall we?

Have you noticed the difference in colour? The right foot is redder than the left, the left looks very pale. Just from that, I can tell that these feet are not happy, the red may indicate embarrassment, (even feet blush) or anger to do with a past event, and the left tells me that this person is extremely tired, they are washed out if you like. Can you see the dryness? This person also needs to look after themselves more, they need a bit more love and attention. Although I have a feeling that if asked they would tell you they are fine and not to worry.

The toes have a gap between the big and second toe, this person is able to separate emotion and logic (big toe is thinking and second is feeling). The little toe is tucked behind the fourth toe, (the little toe is security and forth is relating). This person feels their security and how they feel are linked to how they relate to those around them and vice versa. However, I know that this person has little toes that appear to sit on their side with the nail looking at the wall, this indicates a covert rebel! This person will appear to play by the rules, but if they can, those rules will be tweaked a little bit!

There is also a lot of lines or ripples in both feet all over this can represent a conflict or indecision, this person appears to have a lot going on for them at this moment. The second and third toes are very close together, this shows that this person uses their emotion or intuition a lot when it comes to what they are doing. If you remember the second toe is feeling, the third toe is doing.

That is a lot of information just from looking at the toes, colour and condition, I haven’t really started on details. I could happily chat for hours about what else these feet are saying, but I am sure that you have lots of other things to get on with and I mean, who gets excited about feet?

I use Foot Reading in my coaching practice, I have found over the years that feet don’t lie, I have always found them to be reliable and honest, I have yet to meet a set of feet I don’t like, and once comfortable feet will chat quite happily. However, if the owner of the feet is shy the feet tend to be also. Feet is a great way to get an idea of who a person is without asking lots and lots of questions, some that will be extremely difficult to answer, let me give you an example by using the feet at the top.

Do you see where the little toe is there is a moving inwards of the outside toe line? It isn’t straight, it is almost as if the feet were fine and then at the top they moved inwards so there is a ‘bump’ then it continues to the toes. The ‘bump’ is in the area of the shoulder reflex, this person took on a lot of responsibility from a young age, they did not ask for it and they did not want it, and it still is with them now. I am sure that they would rather not disclose what happened for them and when, however, the feet tell me that and I can use that information when coaching them. It also means that I can gently ask about it if needed as it may be something that is blocking them from moving forwards now. I work very intuitively and find that I am able to pick up on lots, looking at the feet and ‘reading’ what they say, is another valuable tool in helping someone to understand who they are and how they can use that to their advantage. Foot Reading is also great for teens, as they are trying to find their way in life and work out who they are, this gives them a bit of help.

I absolutely love Foot Reading and using it in coaching makes a powerful combination, I don’t practice hands on reflexology anymore so this means I can still work with the feet and if I can help others to understand themselves better then why not? It is a wonderful thing to be able to do, (I am quite entertaining at parties!).

If you would like to know more or have a reading yourself, they can be done as a stand-alone, then get in touch, I would love to talk feet with you! I would also like to thank you for reading and staying with me, that is of course if you still are, it has been my pleasure to share my love of feet with you, oh yes, the feet at the top? The picture is a couple of years old and taken for presentation purposes, they are mine!                                   

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