Having the pleasure and privilege of being one of the speakers at the First Conference held by The Therapists Network in Canterbury, I chose to give an interactive talk about  Energy EFT-Tapping.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It was developed by Gary Craig in the USA in the early 80’s, and brought to Europe soon after.

Gary Craig, an engineer interested in self-development, came across the work of Dr Roger Callahan, a psychologist. Dr Callahan was interested in acupuncture and using its points to tap on negative emotions. He was working with a woman known as Mary whose deep phobia of water was permanently healed after they gently tapped a point under her eye.

Dr Callahan developed a tapping protocol which he called Thought Field Therapy. Gary Craig further simplified this technique, and EFT was created.

EFT is a simple technique whereby we tap certain acupuncture points, to permanently release and heal the emotional component of negative emotions or trauma. All we need to do is identify how to verbalise that state, and repeatedly tap whilst saying the words representing that negative emotion or state.

One can either tap or rub the points or just hold the points, it doesn’t matter at all, neither does it matter which side of the face you tap.

Making the talk as interactive and experiential as possible, I invited all attendees to identify and write down something that was stressing them or had been upsetting them during the week. We then measured the intensity of the feeling on a scale of 0 – 10 (10 being the most intense, and considered a – 10, since this is usually a negative state that the person wants to shift). This scale is called the SUE scale – Subjective Units of Experience.

Asking for a volunteer to tap with, someone came forward with the feeling of “I feel exhausted”. The person measured it as a -6.

Tapping as a group, we began by placing our hands over the heart point, and taking three deep breaths. We tapped together, repeating  “I am exhausted” whilst tapping these points: top of the head, the third eye, the beginning of the eye brow (on the inside), corner of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the lower lip, all the fingers where the side of the nail joins the flesh, the karate chop point on the side of the palm, finishing at the heart point again.

If one is tapping with a group and there is no volunteer, just tap on something more general, for example “I am stressed”.

Those who already know about EFT, will know of other acupuncture points that can be used too, and indeed, I do use other points when working with clients by using my intuition.

After two rounds of tapping, having introduced the positive proposition that ‘I can let go of exhaustion and start feeling more energetic’, we measured the exhaustion again on the SUE scale. The volunteer measured it at +2, indicating exhaustion had past the zero point, therefore feeling more energetic. We finished with another round of tapping, including other desired states volunteered by the group, as for example – “I want more energy, peace, love, joy and more abundance”. We stood up, to get energy moving freely through our bodies.


I practise positive EFT as evolved by Silvia Hartmann of the Guild of Energists. It is almost identical to the protocol developed by Gary Craig. The difference being that  Craig’s EFT focuses on a problem by moving it from a potential -10 to zero,  at which point the tapping stops.

Positive EFT evolves the problem into a solution by asking “what do I need, to change this problem into a solution?” We work using that positive goal, aiming at reaching +10 on the scale.

EFT is easy to learn for yourself, friends and family, or add as an extra string to your professional bow. An effective, elegant technique, it complements almost all other therapies, enhancing your professional practice.


Grace DaSilva-Hill is an EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, accredited by the Guild of Energists. Foundation level and Master Practitioner level courses are offered regularly in Kent, or near you, within 20 miles of the M25. Contact Grace on 07590 524795 for details.   www.healingwithgrace.co.uk


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