Here at The Therapists’ Network, we would like to reward our friends who bring more people along to join our growing community.

Our ambassador scheme runs on a strictly ethical basis – we are NOT looking for pushy salespeople.  Instead, we would love to have heart-led therapists, therapy trainers and creative, right-brained people to be a part of our community and bring others in for their own journey too.

We offer a 30% rate to our friends for EVERY MONTH of the new member’s time with us.  This is a recurring and ongoing basis, as a thank you, for your time and effort in bringing more people on board.

This is not an introductory offer.  It is in your best interests to be a part of our family, to join in, help each other, encourage people to join, and help them love it so much they want to stay for the ride!

This is only relevant to kind-hearted individuals that genuinely want what’s best for their colleagues and fellow therapists of any type.

We are not-for-profit, inclusive and collaborative in our nature and ask that you be the same.

So share a little kindness today, and get a little back as a thank-you from us!