Guidelines for Acceptance

The Therapists Network requires that our Member therapists are professionals and qualified in their field and adequately insured.  We are looking to build this website as the go-to place to find therapists of an excellent reputation.

We ask that you are a member of a professional association that has a good Code of Ethics and a Complaints Procedure and to sign and/or adhere to The Therapists’ Network Promise. 

Download your copy to sign HERE: The Therapists Promise PDF

The Therapists’ Network (TTN) membership also requires:

  • You have minimum and up to date public and professional liability insurance.
  • A minimum standard of education – Level 3 or 4 (Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology). Of course, with things like Reiki we could accept evidence of lineage, healing (NFSH and The Healing Foundation acceptable).
  • Copies of qualifications when required by TTN and we will endeavour to certify their authenticity – level and where trained.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are deemed to be behaving unprofessionally as per our agreement and terms.