My studies of Ayurveda  ( The science of Health and wisdom) has led me to discover an interesting  massage tool. It is made of Kansa metal (in India), known in the west as bronze, which is a mixture of zinc, tin and copper. Kansa metal  has been used for about 5000 years . They also made lovely sounding bells with the same metal. The Kansa Wand is made of wood which is capped with the Kansa metal and it may be used on all parts of the body.  It is beneficial for smoothing the skin, relieving stress, and balancing the body energies creating deep relaxation.

When used for a face massage it can give a tone and tightening to the skin which is beneficial to young and the more mature. The Kansa Wand can work on puffy eyes and can help remove fine lines and may help to relieve congestion in the sinuses, will remove toxins from the skin as it stimulates the lymph nodes giving a better circulation of the blood to the vessels, encouraging a better skin tone giving a clear fresh look.

A treatment really worth having as it has NO electrical currents to this instrument and yet can give the look of a face lift.

The Kansa wand can also be used for a foot massage which would help to balance the doshas. Doshas are known in Ayurveda as pitta, kapha or vata which are the components which form the body. When all three are in balance the body is said to be in tune and working efficiently. Sometimes the balance gets off and the Kansa wand can help to balance your doshas.

It is comforting; enhances the effect of Reflexology; calms and cools the body; relaxes the entire foot; encourages the recipient to feel energized and fresh; some people have found they sleep better after a Kansa Wand massage.


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