When you first join the website will generate a blank profile for you.

This profile is visible and searchable to the public (and potential clients) as well as fellow therapists.  It is important that you fill out all your profile .


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How do I edit my profile?

How do I add a new location ‘place’?

If you have physical location(s), where clients come to visit you for your services,  you must create a location ‘Place’ for each location you practice from.

Places are important because:

  • They allow you to list multiple locations.
  • You can create a different Therapy(s) for each location (for example if you practice Reiki in Canterbury and Counselling in Dartford you can appear in both places on the map)
  • Potential new clients may want to find someone near where they live and thus they can search for your places of work.  The website visitor will then get a relevant result and hopefully be more likely to book your services.
  • Some people will just look at thing nearby to ‘try out’ and you may want to be in those results.

What if I am a mobile therapist?

If you are mobile can also create a mobile ‘place’ HERE


What if I also/only work online or on the telephone?

     If you work online or over the phone you can also create an online ‘place’ for this

Can I add public events and/or write articles?

Oh yes!  These are for the public.  If you have an event that is for therapists-only do get in touch for more information on how we can help.

     How to add a public event

     How to add an article


If you get stuck at all please contact Claire on info@therapists-network.com


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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