An event is a type of listing just like a Place but with a couple of extra items specific to event types.

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To add an Event:

1.  Go to https://www.therapists-network and log in.

2.  Once logged in go to the menu on the top-right corner and click ‘Profile’

3.  To the right of your profile select ‘Add Your Event’

4.  Complete all the form details for the event.

5.  Do not change the map longitude, latitude or map view please.

6.  Add some images for your event.  Images must be less than 2mb in size.  Please wait for each image to complete uploading before continuing.

7.  Then read the terms and conditions (these are the same ones from when you joined).  If happy select to accept the terms.

8.  Then click ‘Review Your Listing’

You will be taken to a page that lets you review the listing or go back and edit.  If you are happy with the listing click ‘Publish’



Video Tutorial:


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