There is an option to add listings called ‘Places’.  These will show up on maps and location searches.  They are VERY important.   

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR BUSINESS DETAILS AT THE PLACE.  For example, Linda at The Holisticentre.  Then YOUR website and contact details etc… 

So, if you have physical location(s) you must create a Place for each location you practice from. 

Places are important because:

  • They allow you to list multiple locations.
  • You can create a different Therapy(s) for each location (for example if you practice Reiki in Canterbury and Counselling in Dartford you can appear in both places on the map)
  • Potential new clients may want to find someone near where they live and thus they can search for your places of work.  The website visitor will then get a relevant result and hopefully be more likely to book your services.
  • Some people will just look at thing nearby to ‘try out’ and you may want to be in those results.

scroll to bottom for video tutorial…

To add a place:

1.  Go to https://www.therapists-network and log in.

2.  Once logged in go to the menu on the top-right corner and click ‘Profile’

3.  To the right of your profile select ‘Add Your Place’

4.  Complete all the items in the listing form.  Please note that ‘place title’ is the name of your business at that place.  E.g ‘Linda Bishopp at The Holisticentre.’  And ‘Place Description’. is a little bit about what you do there.:

5.  Do not change the map longitude, latitude or map view please.

6.  Upload at least one picture (best to use an image of yourself, your logo and then images of the place)

Images must be less than 2mb in size.  Please wait for each image to complete uploading before continuing.

7.  Then read the terms and conditions (these are the same ones from when you joined).  If happy select to accept the terms.

8.  Then click ‘Review Your Listing’

You will be taken to a page that lets you review the listing or go back and edit.  If you are happy with the listing click ‘Publish’



Video Tutorial:


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