Coming from a psychology background and then moving onto Massage therapy with a totally holistic approach with humans I am delighted to now being able to work with horses in the same way, also including Reiki and some shiatsu.

My workshop at the Therapists’ Network Conference first of all discussed the importance of linking in with the horse on a deeper level to gain trust with the animal, some of which have experienced physical or mental trauma

Then a pre-treatment of testing so important before treating any horse – this will help to identify any areas of stress or discomfort that the horse may be experiencing and obviously cannot tell us themselves!

The massage itself included the standard massage techniques such as effleurage, tapotement and Trigger Point work in a similar way to humans however some of the techniques are given in a slightly different way to ensure that the underlying muscles are affected correctly.

I always finish with stretches if appropriate and of course a nice treat for the horse in a healthy shape of a carrot or two!  All massages are carried out after a full consultation with the owner and if at anytime the horse is becoming stressed in any way then the treatment will stop.


Pauline Brown BSc. Hons Psych
Equine Sports and Remedial MassageTherapist
FB – PB Aromatherapy
Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (
Twitter – @pb_therapy




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