Before we start please take note of My Mental Health Pledge:

I offer a whopping 50% Discount for silver and gold members of The Therapists Network!

This is my pledge to support those that are looking after the mental health and wellbeing of others in a loving, heart-centred way.  I am recovering from C-PTSD and would not be here today if it were not for the care and support of a trauma-informed therapist and a group of holistic, heart-centred therapists that literally saved me from suicide.

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As a sole trader or small business owner, you need help, right?  Coaching with me may be the solution you need!

Do you feel frustrated at your slow progress time and time again?  

Is your lack of modern technology knowledge (internet, social media, websites, software designed to ‘help’) holding you back (and making you feel like throwing the computer out of the window)?

Is there an area of your life (or more) that consistently finds you ‘wading through treacle?

Have you bought courses, followed advice (maybe even tried other coaches), watched other people seem to succeed all around you only to be left feeling exhausted at the effort it is taking to just get the ball rolling?

Do you need someone on your side that will tell you with truth (with kindness)?   Say the things that everyone else is afraid to say to you instead of leading you down a sales funnel with empty promises?  

Are you completely pissed off with all the competing advice, yet have no idea what to follow and cannot afford to buy ALL the help (if any)?

Is there too much well-meaning information and advice out there for you to filter through effectively?

Are you struggling to know what to write on your website/social media or even send an email?  Could you do with an all-in-one photographer/graphic designer/website designer and content creator that can show you how (or even take it off your hands)?

If so, I can help you – right now!

What I have supported past clients to overcome and thrive with:

  • Knowing which direction to turn.
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Beating procrastination.
  • Writing your own articles with ease and flair
  • Finding answers to lifelong problems.
  • Learning how to do your website.
  • Bootstrapping your business (getting by without spending too much).
  • Overcoming personal disaster and your business.
  • Understanding how your trauma or anxieties affects your business, then beating them.
  • Learning what Google wants from you.
  • Online safety and security.
  • Becoming incredibly confident.
  • Discovering what your real dreams truly are – and attaining them.
  • Getting your SEO and marketing done for you.
  • Planning your business creatively – no word documents or spreadsheets in sight!
  • Starting your business from scratch.

And much more…

I come to all your meetings with zero judgement because I am a massive failure!

When I became a ‘massive failure’ at business (in my eyes at the time) I was devastated.  But it taught me lots of very valuable lessons about recognising my own overwhelm, looking for my limitations and taking action to counter them, realising that my procrastination and self-sabotage was simply fear and worry in disguise.

These caused huge energetic blocks – to the point where my world crumbled and I had to slowly stand up and try again.

I know the process, I have come through it and learned the lessons the most painful and expensive way.  You can learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them!

I am not here to be your friend (you have those already), but instead, to provide coaching, I give a powerful service that can transform your work and life if you are willing to do the work.

Our session provides the tools you need.  There are techniques I can teach you, that you can do at home or in the office, to get yourself out of a ‘brain fog’ and set yourself back on track between sessions.  And YES!  I DO allow contact between sessions – unlike many other coaches and consultants.


One of the things I quite often hear when I practice coaching with people is “Wow!  I never thought of it like that before”… That is what we call insight.  I am not looking for angels, harps and flashes of lightning.  Just a change in your thinking.  It’s subtle but very very powerful.  For some, it has even been life-changing!

Our conversations will take you through a process of uncovering your true desires and going deeper and deeper to find what truly makes your heart sing, and then achieving it.

As a business coach and polymath, I help people gain clarity, focus and direction in their work and lives.  I teach you how to spin all your plates.

Let’s talk.  I will schedule FOR NO CHARGE an hour, of my time to spend with you.  I will give you fearless and powerful insights into your own business and you can find out if being coached is something you will enjoy and benefit from.

Future sessions of deep and powerful coaching are usually just £90 a session (half price for silver and gold members of The Therapists-Network) however, my course prescription of sessions is more valuable and almost always needed.  Some problems can be solved in a single session (great) but often, we have more than one thing holding us back from what we need.

Coaching often is a journey of sessions in order to see the amazing results you desire.  I will put together for you a completely bespoke and tailored course of sessions, tasks and templates made for your unique set of issues and needs.  These vary in price according to what your requirements are but are usually around £400-£600 (half price for Therapists Network Silver or Gold Members) for up to 6 months of support (depending on the frequency of your sessions and how soon you want results).  BUT you will not have to commit to anything before I have agreed on a course with you.  It all still starts with that first, FEE-FREE session!  You have nothing to lose.

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