To advertise Your Meeting

  1. Share your meeting event and/or page from the website and select your event.  To get the event link copy the URL in your browser.
  2. Email the event link to your mailing list where appropriate
  3. Share it on your social media where appropriate
  4. Share it in any relevant Facebook groups.


On The Day Of The Meeting:

  1. Let everyone into the meeting and settle.
  2. Collect every attendee’s email address and full name.
  3. Encourage folk to spend a few minutes contemplating/meditating on the things they have done in the last 7 days that they are proud of or grateful for.  This is to give people something to do before the intros and meeting start, whilst people are still arriving on etc…
  4. Introduce the speaker (where applicable)and each other.  Tell everyone the following meeting rules:
    1. Be warm and lead from your heart.
    2. Be generous, in one small way, to at least one other fellow therapist.
    3. Commit to connecting with someone outside of the meeting.
    4. Come to the next meeting and let us know how you did.
    5. Keep everything in the meetings very, very confidential.
  5. Ask the group “What would make this an extraordinary meeting for your today?” – Generate discussion from this.  OR Time for your speaker to do their talk.
  6. Ask the group for one small thing they can do tomorrow to help someone in the room today.  How can you help someone here – big or small? – Generate discussion and pair up people to see how they can help each other.



Straight after the meeting

  1. Share a photo of the group on social media and a little bit of blurb about how the meeting went.
  2. Give Claire the names and email addresses of all attendees.
  3. Tell Claire some good stuff that came from the meeting so she can create a blog of the meeting for you

Send all information to