Integral Eye Movement Therapy

I have been welcomed back to Kent by Linda and many members of The Therapist’s Network who are experienced in an amazing range of therapies. Although my own practice is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I lived in Kent for about ten years so do feel a strong connection with the county.

As a Naturopath working with clients one to one I became increasingly interested in emotional wellbeing and how feeling better emotionally can impact their physical health and experience of symptoms.

Adding Integral Eye Movement Therapy to my skillset has changed the way I now work with my clients in a significant way and the feedback from my IEMT clients has been very positive.

IEMT is so much more than just an eye movement technique. One of the questions explored during IEMT training and with clients is “How did I learn to be this way?” An interesting question to explore using coaching and many therapeutic modalities. Exploring this question through IEMT models can add new insight, positive change and peace with the past can be achieved.

When IEMT students submit their case studies to me for feedback and evaluation I am often inspired by the range of ways they use the IEMT skillset with their clients. As IEMT case studies are followed up its useful feedback to find out how the efficacy of the change achieved in the session has lasted.


IEMT can be used ‘content free’ which means that a client who has experienced a trauma in their past does not have to spend session time telling their story in details to the Practitioner. For some clients this can be a very helpful way of working with a challenging issue or memory.

IEMT is a skillset that can be elegantly blended into a client session with other therapies. Some practitioners who are trained in IEMT include Coaches, Reiki practitioners, Counsellors, NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Physiotherapists.

More information about IEMT can be found at:

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