Integrative Sex Therapy for Women is a body-oriented therapeutic modality dealing with sexual and intimacy issues. Its combination of various approaches have the common scope to support women’s individual personal growth and empowerment towards the integration of their emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual well-being.

On the understanding that most sexual and intimacy issues present as a combination of emotional and physical symptoms, I believe that all issues must be addressed, and accessed, through four main gateways: the Cognitive Gateway (our mind and mental processes), the Emotional Gateway (our emotions and feelings), the Spiritual Gateway (our soul and her aspirations) and the Physical Gateway (our body and our sensations).
It is only by going on a guided journey through those gateways, that traumatic, as well as non-traumatic intimacy issues, can be resolved.

On a focussed level, this allows you to move into a more empowered relationship with your sexuality. On a wider level, this journey allows you to deepen and broaden your capacity for intimacy and relationships in all areas of life.

Most of us have shut our feelings and emotions down or cut ourselves off from our sensations at a time when it was the best solution for our emotional and/or physical survival. We simply had to cope and we got into the habit of coping, instead of living our life to the fullest. Integrative Sex Therapy proposes to help you explore your inner sexual potential, unlock it and let it be fully alive for you to strive.

Sessions usually last for two hours to give you enough time to come back to your innocent, authentic self. Typically, we will use talk, neuro-regulation, somatic and erotic mindfulness techniques, breath, sound, touch, movement and embodiment techniques.
The focus is on expanding your capacity to feel, experience and own more sensations of pleasure (and sometimes pain) through your body.

My passion lies in bringing clients awareness and wellbeing into the relationships between all parts of them and to help them bridge the gaps, specifically in the realm of sexuality and intimate relationships.

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Haya S. Kalechman – Integrative Sex Therapist for Women works from The HolistiCentre, Broome Park Golf and Country Club, Barham, Canterbury, CT4 6QX and Abbey Place Clinic, The Chapel , 5 Abbey Place, Faversham, ME13 7BG.


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