I’ve heard many therapists feeling awkward about charging for their services at the moment.  I’ve run a busy complementary therapy practice since 1993, and am now a Business Money and Soul Coach and know that many women, me included, feel really challenged to charge our worth, or indeed know our worth.  So let’s take a look at this hot and emotional topic!

1. Is it ok to be charging in a crisis?

We all have bills to pay, mortgages, rent, children to support. We all also have businesses to keep afloat which not only serve us and our families but also serve the economy. We pay tax, we contribute to the general well-being of our community in some way with our services. YOUR BUSINESS IS IMPORTANT. You have to keep charging and offering your services in exchange for money.

2. Should I discounting my services?

Have you noticed Tescos or Aldi discounting their products?  They actually halted their special offers so they can focus on getting supplies to those who need them at a challenging time. That’s serving the community and keeping the business afloat. But is it different for a my small business? I’ll share my example. Right now I’m running a Money Mastermind for heart centred business people, especially therapists, starting on Monday 15th June. (You’re welcome to come!) It is a designed now, and  I am going to give phenomenal, life changing value for just £279. It would normally be £479. Confession. My “Nurturer” Sacred Money Archetype wanted to rescue all the small business.   I wanted anyone to afford my course, to emerge from this “Crisis” stronger and ready to have a powerful business. That’s why I offer payment plans.  I never want money to stop anyone attending.  I also include a one to one coaching session and I know that these sessions have moved women from stuck to profitable very quickly. One woman increased her turnover by 480% in a year. It’s taken some time but I really know the value of the course and coaching and I encourage you to do the same. However, I’ve noticed that when something is too cheap, I’ve undercharged,  I have caught myself not promoting it well.  This is because when we undercharge for our services, there is an energy mismatch if on some level we feel we are giving it away. Also, prospective clients may think it won’t be valuable as it’s too cheap. Be really clear on the value of your services. My course will change someone’s finances for ever. Do a special price for a limited time period and don’t be surprised if people don’t value it or still tell you it’s too expensive! We will be looking at this much more in the course.

3. “No-one has any money at the moment”.

A friend who sells very scrummy cakes said this to me, while providing cut price cake boxes for people stuck at home over the weekend and offering to deliver them on her bike. She had been watching a lot of news and has lived on benefits for many years. Truth. A lot of people are still on their normal salaries, their income hasn’t changed at all. They have also had holidays cancelled, they can’t go to the cinema, eat in a restaurant or buy a coffee every day. There is money in the economy and it is waiting to be spent. Not by everyone necessarily but maybe these people aren’t your clients anyway.

4. Who is your ideal client? You are only marketing and talking to them.

No-one else matters. Keep that focus. If you have a business, an ideal client profile needs to be updated on a regular basis. Your ideal client values what you have to offer and recognise the full extent of the transformation your service brings to them. This might be that a money course with me can make a five fold increase in your income and save your marriage or that a cloth face mask could save your life and protects others from you too. Priceless.

5. We are to empower each other, not to rescue.

Always see the strength in someone, not their weakness. You do not have to rescue the planet. I’m speaking to myself here. I’m a Nurturer archetype and I know many of you here are too.

Do join me for the online Money Mastermind for women, beginning on 15th June 2020! 

The Money Mastermind is a deeply transformational course for heart centred women, therapists and coaches, exploring your relationship with money, every Monday evening for six weeks. Exercises will help you explore your beliefs and blocks, strengths and challenges and you will emerge strong and empowered, ready to thrive in this new era that’s coming.

It’s a no judgement safe space with a friendly Facebook group to explore what comes up in between. You won’t be travelling far for the next six weeks so why not join us!  The investment is £279 and includes a one to one coaching session too.  Email me info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or phone 07967 121167.  You can also book a complimentary Money Discovery Call here! https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/