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Cassie Marnoch

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Nueva Vida Therapies

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I’m a midwife of 20 years, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

I left the NHS due to ill health and once I became well knew that I still wanted to work with pregnant and new mums but on my terms.  I love the flexibility that I now have and can spend time making positive relationships with those I work with and creating bespoke care packages based on individual requirements.

My main passion is promoting positive mental health and I work with pregnant and new mums, birth partners and health professionals in gaining and maintaining positive mental health.

During pregnancy and early parenthood I use a range of complementary therapies to ease the niggles and ailments of pregnancy and the neonatal period. 



What I Offer

 I have undertaken specialist training in complementary therapies for maternity care and provide acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy,   moxibustion, massage and acupressure which can ease early pregnancy sickness or back pain, help turn a breech baby to head down or prepare your body for labour amongst others.

Currently I work mobile but am looking to hire a room and have more of a base although there will still be the opportunity for home visits on an individual basis.

Hypnotherapy can be face to face or via video chat (WhatsApp/Zoom etc)

How it Works

I have a holistic approach to the care I provide and treat on an individual basis and may vary the treatments during a course of sessions dependent on how my clients are that day and how they have reacted to previous treatments.

I provide assistance for the following:

Pregnancy nausea and sickness
Back and pelvic pain
Carpel tunnel
Birth trauma resolution
Sleep disturbance
Preparation for labour
Turning breech baby
Breastfeeding and lactation
Pain relief
Swollen legs and ankles

This list is not exclusive so please do contact me to discuss specific issues you may have

Specialist Area of Expertise

My specialist area is maternal mental health and preparation for labour

Fees and Times
Opening Times

Monday to Saturday.

Sundays on an individual basis



Preparation for labour package £185


Enhanced Diploma in Midwifery

Diploma in Complementary Therapies for Maternity

Certificate in Maternity Acupuncture

Certified Practitioner of NLP and iNLP

Certified Hypnotherapist

Advanced Master Practitioner of Eriksonian Health, Healing and Deep Trance Work

Certified Trainer of Hypnosis


Prof Bodies




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