Dymphna DCosta


My Full Name

Dymphna DCosta

Business Name

Dymphna D'Costa Consultancy – London and Kent





Therapy Details



What type of therapy(s) do you practise?

I use a mixture of esoteric therapies with modern-day techniques such as Shamanic Healing, Reiki, s well as Tapping and breathwork. I use these techniques with modern-day business techniques to help people fulfil their dreams in their lives and well as in them or that they do.



What is your specialist area of expertise?

Hi, I am Dymphna and I enable people who have the deepest desire to:

– become the best version of themselves

– to live their most abundant and soul-satisfying lives

– and to manifest the most rewarding, fulfilling businesses and lifelong work


I teach people how to create and manifest:

– Lives full of joy, abundance and total soul satisfaction

– The businesses and work they were meant to do

– And being able to step into and allow their authentic self to be


I do this by working on the deepest level, removing restrictions and barriers, and then allowing their true gifts to manifest. This enables them to attract the lives of which they  have only ever dreamed.


In essence, I help people to be in full alignment, attracting all that is truly theirs.

It always feel as if you are on a magical, exciting journey, yet as if you are also coming home.



How exactly does your therapy work? (what do you do with/to a client)

I enable clients to free themselves of limiting beliefs and fill them with confidence and skills to help

achieve their dreams and hearts desires.


How I do this depends on each client but it could be using Shamanic Healing and breathwork as well as tapping to find out what the barriers are, removing

them, and then creating the perfect platform for the client to receive more healing, as well as potentially practical techniques to find success and happiness in their personal lives, relationships and well as business.


What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with?(OPTIONAL)

lack of confidence, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, desire to change things in life but no idea what, feeling curious

How has your therapy helped them, if it has?(OPTIONAL)

They are able to see what has been holding them back, and they are then free to live their lives in a

a way which lights them up, and follow their true Soul’s path.


How Long is each therapy session?(OPTIONAL)

I usually work with clients over a period of time but a 1:1 session maybe 2-3times

How often might a client typically need to see you?(OPTIONAL)

It depends on what the clients are coming for- I run three-month programmes, one to two day

workshops or I can see clients on an ad-hoc basis.


Are your sessions/ suitable for:

Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users, Adults

I can do the following types of sessions

Face-To-Face (At My Venue), Online, Telephone, Mobile (to your home)

Qualifications and Insurance

Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive?

Shamanic Practitioner

Reiki Master



Qualifies Chartered Accountant

18 Years in Business


How long have you been practising for?

5 Years in the role



Do you put on events for clients/potential clients?(OPTIONAL)


How would you categorise the main benefit of your offering

Mind, Soul