Louise Beck


My Full Name

Louise Beck

Business Name

LB Wellness Practice









Therapy Details


Hypnotherapy & Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

What type of therapy(s) do you practise?


Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

NLP Coaching

Tapping (TFT)

What is your specialist area of expertise?

Hypnotherapy,  Havening Techniques ® (Certified Havening Techniques®  Practitioner), TFT Tapping & NLP Coaching.

Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Children Therapy, Phobia’s & Fears & Childhood Trauma affecting your life today! Improve Sport’s Performance Enhancement.

I have a background in pharmacy/pharmaceutical and have seen over the years the importance of the connection between the body brain and mind. Especially to help in areas where behavior needs to change to benefit the client, rewire the brain and the body will follow. If you require assistance to heal by reducing anxiety and promote a calming effect on your body then make contact today.

How exactly does your therapy work? (what do you do with/to a client)

I work with the individual client to establish how I can assist them with a number of different tools/techniques so they can make the behavioral changes required or release past memories or events that are affecting their life still today. Each client is unique and I see my role to listen and tap into their issue and then give tools to fire your own amazing resources to promote a happier healthier body, brain, and mind!
Hypnosis has been studied for many years and is a method used to uncover your own amazing reservoir of untapped potential and power. Hypnosis can be used to tap into this power allowing access to your subconscious mind to aid us to make changes to behaviours, habits and allowing you to reach your full potential.
NLP techniques can be coupled alongside hypnosis to make the behavioral changes even stronger giving you new tools to reach your life goals big or small.
Tapping (TFT) & NLP combined with hypnosis have a strong therapeutic effect on the client!

Havening Techniques  ® is a groundbreaking development using research from neuroscience which founder Dr. Ronald Ruden MD PhD develops into a Havening touch® technique to help clients release life events such as trauma or help clear phobias, anxiety.


Release past events, memories, experiences, and feelings that have been encoded as traumatic in your brain within a safe, calm environment using Havening Techniques ®! The future can be bright and you can live without anxiety, stress, and fear!


What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with?(OPTIONAL)

Anxiety, Stress, Phobias,  Habits, Fear, Nail biting, Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Low confidence in their own ability within a professional. Childhood issues such as Exam pressure, Bullying, and many others. Just make contact and we can have a chat.

How has your therapy helped them, if it has?(OPTIONAL)

In many different ways to move forward with their life, such as childhood trauma, not being able to go for an MRI scan and then could face it. Reduce anxiety, stress, anger and work through upsetting past memories and feelings to release them as they are not serving a purpose in their current life.


How Long is each therapy session?(OPTIONAL)

Depends on the issue to work with however normally 1- 1.5 hours.


How often might a client typically need to see you?(OPTIONAL)

I set the base as 3 sessions however every client is different and they can be amazed how quickly one session can help! Some other clients want to have more than 3 sessions.


How much are your sessions?(OPTIONAL)

Children Therapy – £35 – 45 per hour session

Adults Hypnosis and combined therapy = £55-£65 per hour session.

Havening Techniques  ® = £60 – £70 per hour session.  


What are you working hours usually?(OPTIONAL)

Normally evenings and every other Saturday however will work around the client’s requirements especially if an online appointment.

Are your sessions/ suitable for:

Those with additional needs, Adults, Children (up to teenager), Teens/Young Adults

When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them?(OPTIONAL)

The client goals have been reached or their issue released! This could be to stop smoking or present in front of 100 people. I enjoy working with clients who have faced trauma or have a phobia or a fear! I love working with children from age 5 to create them a mindfulness toolbox to help to resolve current issues such as exam pressure plus they can take the toolkit with them through life!


I can do the following types of sessions

Face-To-Face (At My Venue), Online, Telephone

I can specialise in the following:


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Website Address


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Qualifications and Insurance

Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive?

Life Clinics (Faversham) – Tapping (TFT), Hypnotherapy Diploma (MNCH (Reg.), HPD, DBS, BS/BSc)

Centre of Excellence -Armotheraphy

Lloyds Pharmacy


How long have you been practising for?

October 2020

What is the name of your professional association (if any)?(OPTIONAL)

National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) Full Membership

What type of insurance do you have?

Professional Indemnity & Liability


Do you put on events for clients/potential clients?(OPTIONAL)


How would you categorise the main benefit of your offering

Mind, Body, Soul

If appropriate, are you able to ask your best client to provide a couple of paragraphs describing their journey with their symptoms and your treatment


After being a little unsure if hypnotherapy was for me, I can honestly say that after a few sessions I’m feeling amazing.
Louise really did make me feel comfortable from the very start and with her soft, gentle and reassuring voice I felt completely at ease and could open up and let all my worry’s out into the open (which was a great start).
After struggling for years with certain things in my life I can finally say that I have control and I’m growing in confidence. She has really helped me get in touch with myself which has pushed me towards my goals. I would definitely recommend Louise to help you as much as she has helped me.

Thank you Louise for all your help and support!  X