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Judy Crockford

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Blue Ray Sound

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About Me

I am Judy Crockford a Sound Practitioner from Faversham Kent. I studied for two years at the College of Sound Healing and am qualified as a Crystal Singing Bowl and Himalayan Singing Bowl Practitioner and a Voice Practitioner. I’m also a crystal healer and Reiki practitioner.

I’ve been interested in complementary therapies and all things spiritual for many years and have enjoyed doing many workshops and courses from my early beginnings in ‘hands on healing’ to drum birthing and sweat lodges. I personally have enjoyed an amazing healing journey and met some fascinating people along the way.

Sound work is my passion, it’s a joy for me. I love to help people to become well, but the greatest joy is to see them get back on their own two feet and continue to help themselves, because nobody can become well unless they want to.

Providing a safe and sacred space  for a person to heal is a great honour for me.

What I Offer

I offer one hour one-to-one treatment sessions of Sound Therapy using either Himalayan bowls and Crystal bowls. This is delivered on a treatment couch whilst the client relaxes.

How it Works

The client relaxes on a treatment couch whilst I assess their energy field for imbalances or blockages. We are all made of energy and our energy centres or chakras regularly go out of balance which can then lead to illness. I then select the bowls to use, (the bowls vibrate to frequencies to resonate with the body’s chakras), according to my findings, and sound them to gently bring them back into balance.

Sleeplessness, stress, anxiety as well as issues with low self esteem are just a few of the typical problems that sound treatment may benefit. As well as many physical symptoms, for example back pain, headaches, sore throats. It can benefit chronic conditions, too, this is because re balancing a person’s energy will help the body to do what it naturally wants to do – to heal itself.

Specialist Area of Expertise

Sound Treatment Therapy using Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Fees and Times
Opening Times

Variable depending on location.


Fees £40 per one hour treatment.



Sound Healing Practitioner Training at the College of Sound Healing.

Crystal & Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Training at the College of Sound Healing.

Prof Bodies

The College of Sound Healing which is a member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). All the College’s Practitioner Training courses are evaluated and approved by the CMA and the TSA.

Get In Touch
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judycrockford@hotmail.com or judy@blueraysound.uk


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