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I have been working for many years as a holistic therapist with treatments ranging from Reflexology, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Soul Plan Analysis. However, my recent qualification is that of a ‘Control Practitioner’. An amazing system that is based within the field of Hypnosis. I feel that with all these amazing tools available I can offer my clients the opportunity to find their true authentic self!

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The Control System

(Also available for Soul Plan Analysis)


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It makes such sense that sometimes we need help to change negative feelings, thoughts or behaviour patterns. For example, addictions, lack of confidence and self-worth, overly stressed and anxious, fears and phobias, to name but a few. Our conscious mind may be willing for these changes to take place, but our subconscious mind has other ideas.Using ‘The Control System’ I can speak direct to your subconscious and negotiate the positive changes you want to make for a happier life.With no hypnosis involved you are fully awake and fully aware and a big part of the process. We simply negotiate with the subconscious mind a new strategy for your best happiness.I have made some fantastic changes to my life using this system, but the most powerful came when I was released from years of having chronic fatigue. I feel free, empowered and once again in control of me!Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL?

Free consultation followed by a 3 session programme.

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Control Work

Soul Analysis



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Open for contact Monday – Saturday 9-5

Consultations/sessions – variable


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It is possible for me to work via Zoom or Skype but in person is definitely preferable.

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