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I am very fortunate that I have been able to create my ideal job as I’ve developed my service to deliver what I love doing and what makes a true difference to people’s lives

After working for many year as a Chartered Physiotherapist  I  realised that with some clients, their pain did not resolve with the traditional ‘physical’ approach to rehabilitation and so began my interest  in exploring a more effective way of helping clients with persistent pain.

As pain is an unconscious automatic response it was obvious to me that I needed to explore ways of helping clients change unhelpful unconscious reactions. This inspired me to train as as a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and went on to establish by current business, BodyMind Solutions where I offer both a physical and psychological approach to wellbeing.

I specialise in helping clients  to move on from a life of pain, worry and stress to one of calmness and confidence where they feel in control and live a life of happiness, something I believe should be fundamental to everyone’s life.



What I Offer

I offer  assessment diagnosis and management of neuro- musculoskeletal (muscle joint and nerve) problems and give an expert opinion on how best to manage on-going persistent pain.

My programmes include
• Psychotherapeutic techniques including Brain Working Recursive Therapy® and Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Physiotherapy techniques including my unique STARS manual therapy technique
• Clinical pilates programmes and classes
• Life Optimisation planning

Assessment and treatment is usually on a ‘face to face’ session though on occasions,  Skype sessions can take place where appropriate.

How it Works

Many of my clients may have had pain for many months, even years; they may have seen a number of doctors and therapists. They may have undergone  many tests and investigations but now have been told that they have to learn to live with this pain.

Their life is dictated by the pain and they have may find that medication is the only support they been given. They may well be coping on a day to day basis and the internal struggle they feel is not always evident to those around them, but for them,  each decision they take is clouded by the presence of the ongoing pain the try to deal with.


We work together to  help rewire unhelpful automatic brain patterns which have been contributing to the persistence of the pain messages. This restores more balanced positive physiological responses resulting in diminished pain, an improved feeling of wellbeing and a confidence that life beyond pain can be a reality.

We then go on to include physical rehabilitation using  Clinical Pilates programmes which help to improve more comfortable movement patterns and improved levels of physical ability.

Following our work together the client will see a clear plan of how they can continue to enjoy the benefits  they have achieved and will feel more confident that they can continue to move on to enjoy their life to the full.


Specialist Area of Expertise

• I have a special interest and skills in working with persistent back and neck pain.

• I  have  considerable experience working with clients who have undergone surgical intervention and still experience difficulties with pain.


• I also have extensive experience working with runners whose performance and enjoyment of running is impacted by recurring injuries or pain.


• I also have a special interest in the preventing the development  of persisting pain. To this end, I also enjoy  working  with a number of different client groups, including  young people, busy stressed individuals and runners to highlight strategies to avoid on-going pain conditions arising.



Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy 1987, Kings College Hospital, London.

Clinical Pilates Instructor. APPI , London 2009

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis  2014

BWRT Level one/two practitioner 2016



Prof Bodies

Professional bodies

Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Member of British Brainworking Research Society

Member of The Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy


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