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For a number of years I worked within the NHS and part of my role was to mentor and encourage staff and teams. The people I worked with were often the lowest paid and  had low self-esteem with the attitude of I am only the ———– Within my mentoring role I worked with them to help them  understand how important their job was to the whole organisation and they often went on to gain promotion. They all gained a new perspective on the work they were doing and took more pride in their work and themselves. Work that I am extremely proud of.

I left this life in 2014 as I was starting to listen to the whispers of my Soul telling me there was more for me to do.

I was drawn to  the Holisitc Healing College which seemed to have what I needed and I retrained as a Holistic Life Coach – (already having gained my Life Coach Diploma) and became a  Soul Plan Practitioner, working with clients to find a deep understanding of themselves at all levels and live a fulfilled life.

Recently I have added Business Name readings to my work where I compare the energies of the Birth Name to the Business name to see if they resonate and help to bring abundance and success.


What I Offer

Soul Plan Reading
What if you had overall guidance, a road map and a compass to help you navigate the challenges you face in life. This road map and compass showing you the way and pointing you in the right direction – helping you to live a life that is fulfilled.
What if you were able to have a deep understanding of yourself on every level?
Would you like to be equipped with the information you seek to be totally aligned with you and who you truly are? Traveling the path that will bring you to the most satisfaction.
There is no-one who can tell you precisely what will occur in your life – but you do have an overall plan and this plan was given to you when you incarnated into this life.
This is your Soul Plan

Business Name Readings

Choosing the right business name is so much more than choosing a name that stands out in the crowd. The energy of the name needs to resonate with you and your core essence. If the name you have chosen is making it harder for you to succeed.

Choosing the right name is your first impression and how you start to build your brand and something as simple as adding a dot between Business and Name can create a barrier to your success.

By looking at and analysing your birth name, current name and business name I can show you how this all of your energies come together and support you.

Holistic Life Coaching, I have a number of coaching programs to help you move forward in your life, whether it is one particular areas or a few, I can help you to find your passion and confidence to start living the life you want.

Coaching always starts with an in depth Soul Plan reading to see where you are now and the challenges you face as well as the talents you have to reach your goals. Looking at what lights you up and fills you with joy.


How it Works

It always starts with your Soul Plan and gaining insight into who you truly are and your true life purpose, working with you to empower and achieve your full potential. Finding the blocks that are holding you back and working through the barriers.

Helping with self-esteem and confidence. Finding your direction in life and your true life purpose

Specialist Area of Expertise

Soul connection – connecting to who you truly are
Finding your Spiritual path
Live the life you are meant to
Making life empowering changes

Fees and Times
Opening Times

Readings by appointment



90 minute Soul Plan reading £80

Business name reading £150

Coaching packages these are bespoke to your requirements


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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