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Hello, I am Sophie. I welcome anyone who wishes to learn easy tools to be more present, content and to develop positivity and insight into their life.

Sophrology has been a great help to me, particularly through a difficult and stressful period in my life. Using these simple techniques, I have become more positive about life and the future and better able to manage my emotions. It has helped me to become more grounded and to listen to what I really wanted in life, to rediscover myself.
I have found it so powerful and empowering and I wanted to share this method with you, to help you take control of your lives, be more present, content and positive.
I find this method extremely well adapted to our modern life as the tools and technics are very simple and can be very easily integrated to our modern live.
Wherever you are and whatever time you have you can use the technics learnt during the session to bring you focus, calm and positivity.

I naturally specialized working with people who suffers from stress. In our modern world, we are constantly under pressure. The stress can manifest in different way such as body tensions, headaches, backaches, anxiety, disharmony between mind & body, difficulties sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, having difficulties managing emotions or anger,  low self-esteem, low self-confidence, constant worries or fears, etc. Sophrology is the perfect tool to cope with modern stress because it is very easy to use, adapted to everyone regardless of age, belief or physical condition and it only requires few minutes everyday.

Everyone can empower their life through a regular practice of Sophrology. The idea is to learn through each session the tools and techniques that are best suited to you so that you can re-use them on your own and integrate them to your lifestyle. It will help you to relax deeply, to gain control over your stress in your everyday life and it will help you find a centre of calm within yourself.

My aim is to support you and help you to learn to become the best version of yourself and transform positively your life.

What I Offer

Sophrology therapy.
I offer a unique
, tailored, confidential and professional approach to help you restore your inner harmony, to develop your conscious awareness and to awake your inner resources to help you achieve your key objective: reducing your stress and anxiety, improving your sleep and relaxation, helping you to control your emotions, improving your self-confidence and self-esteem etc.

Sophrology is recognized by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.

How it Works

Through the practice of Sophrology, you allow your mind to calm down and your body to relax, you feel more grounded to the here and now allowing you a better control over your emotions and access a state of inner harmony. You will progressively build up your positivity, develop your awareness and emotional resilience to help you move through life challenges with ease and positivity.
A session is guided in a comfortable sitting or/and standing posture with eyes preferably closed to focus inside yourself.
During the session, I will guide you vocally:

– First through a deep relaxation: a physical and mental relaxation implying putting your level of consciousness between the waking state and sleep, allowing you to be deeply relaxed but remain alert. Your inner « mind chatter » quiets down in order to connect with our wiser intuitive mind.

– Then through a series of specific exercise such as simple movements, breathing techniques, concentration exercises and visualization relating to your defined goal.

An average of 5 to 6 sessions is recommended to allow you time to integrate the techniques. Each sessions last for 1 hour.
It is highly recommended to practice the exercises daily at home to ensure an optimum efficiency and help you to reach your desire state.
After each session, you will learn tools that can be easily integrated to your lifestyle to help you reach your define goal.

Specialist Area of Expertise

I am specialized working with people who suffers from stress.
In our modern world, we are constantly under pressure. The stress can manifest in different way such as body tensions, headaches, anxiety, difficulties sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, difficulties managing emotions or anger, low self-esteem, constant worries, etc.

Sophrology is the perfect tool to cope with modern stress because it’s very easy to use, adapted to everyone and only require few minutes everyday.

Through a guided practice  I will teach you the best suited exercises for you so you can recreate them at home and integrate them to your lifestyle.

It will help you relax deeply, gain control over your stress in your everyday life and it will help to find a centre of calm within yourself.

Fees and Times
Opening Times

9am to 3pm – Monday to Friday 
10am to 1pm – Saturday 


1 hour session on-site: £60
1 hour mobile session: £70
1 hour Skype session: £55
Package of 3 sessions on-site: £150
Package of 3 mobile sessions: £180
Package of 5 sessions on-site: £240
Package of 5 mobile sessions: £280


I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of being trained by Florence Parot (Director of the Sophrology Academy and President of the Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles de Sophrologie FEPS) as well as by other inspiring Sophrologists at the Sophrology Academy in Kent.
I have a Sophrology practitioner Advanced Diploma from the Sophrology Academy in the United Kingdom. The Sophrology Academy is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.
And a Professional Sophrologist Certificate delivered by the FEPS (Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools) officially registered in France with the Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle at European EQF level 5.

Prof Bodies

I am in the process of becoming a member of The Sophrology Network.

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