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When I contracted inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia it was my mindfulness practice that changed my experience of pain. The physical fact of pain remained, however, the suffering changed, because through the progressive MBSR/CT practices my relationship to pain changed. Wanting to share this tool I began the professional training at Bangor University in 2010.
Stress, fear and pain are hard to bear, they often seem like a fixed, solid wall. But when we look, I mean really look, there is movement; there is change. We notice the difference between stress or pain and suffering it causes, we can become alive again. By learning the practices through the MBSR/CT programme, the actual nature of suffering begins to shift. You are no longer a hostage to fate, because it is you who will be in decide – step by step, moment by moment, and breath by breath, by breath!

What I Offer

I am a fully certified mindfulness teacher Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with a meditation practice of 30 years. As part of five year training my teaching was been rigorously assessed and I have been awarded the “Certificate of Competence to Teach Mindfulness Based Courses”; a Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University. I am also now one of the few teachers Listed on the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers. I have a a passion for sharing mindfulness practice with others and people say I have a warm, friendly and relaxed teaching style (see the testimonials)
I teach 8 week MBSR mindfulness courses; Finding Peace in a Frantic World course; short introductions from 2 hours; half; Full Day Orientation Workshops. All of these can be tailored for individual teaching,  especially for those in severe chronic pain and terminal conditions. I will teach you the MBSR techniques and all of the methods of practices and self-inquiry. I support your learning experience during and between session.

How it Works

As you practice the meditations and participate in group sessions, you are learning a rapid method of bringing mindfulness into your daily life. This brings with it more ease and contentment too. You will stop feeling that life is running away with you; or that you are driven by anxiety, stress, pain or illness.

You will become aware that more choices are available to you, of which you were previously unaware. You will even feel happier, no matter what is happening around you. You learn how it is possible to respond differently to life’s challenges. Learning Mindfulness Meditation through incremental stages over the 8 week programme shows how to respond in each moment to whatever happens. Once you have developed a toolbox of mindfulness skills you’re ready for all eventualities. The Mindfulness practices of MBSR are rooted in ancient traditions of meditation, to teach simple ways of relating to thoughts, sensations and emotions by simple observation. But ‘simple’ isn’t the same as ‘easy.’ Mindfulness is a powerful skill and just as with any other skill, like riding a bike, learning to read; it requires practice…and this will happen during your guided and supported Mindfulness training.

Specialist Area of Expertise

The gold standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Bases Cognitive Therapy (MBSR/MBCT)


I am a fully certified mindfulness teacher Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with a meditation practice of 30 years. 

I train at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) with the University of Bangor, with supervision. 

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I am also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society(BPS), as well as a Chartered Psychologist and recently accepted as an Associate of the Faculty for Holistic Psychology.

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The practices I use were designed in the 1970’s using meditation to teach methods of relating to thoughts, sensations and emotions by simple observations.
Such practices were used to create a specific Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme as an 8 week secular training course. Developed specifically for people when treatments stopped they were offered an MBSR programme. Since then numerous, scientific studies continue to attest the effectiveness on stress, chronic pain including fibromyalgia, M.E., different forms of arthritis; back pain, substance abuse, cancer, and post cancer treatments, psoriasis, leukaemia, different forms of heart disease and blood pressure. It’s effectiveness has also been demonstrated with various psychological conditions including phobias, anxieties and depression.
Indeed, there are very few people who wouldn’t benefit from a committed practice. With this you can experience a reduction of preoccupations and worries,  as you accept yourself moment by moment, by moment and breath by mindful breath.

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