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The Therapists Network

As an approved Member you will have attendance to all our Therapists’ Networking Meetings for a reduced rate of £2

    • Start to Develop Deeper Relationships with Other Therapists
    • Build Stronger Affiliations to Refer and Be Referred to Clients
    • Benefit from Carefully Selected Speakers
    • ‘Focus On You’ Sessions – Where Everyone Attending Will Focus On One Issue or Problem A Member is Facing To Find Possible Solutions/Supportive Resources Etc.

We regularly hold networking, mini-workshops, business surgeries and have informed and trusted speakers.  Find out what’s happening in your area here:



How can Networking with colleagues possibly help me?

  • Business Help
  • Sickness Cover
  • Trusted Referrals
  • Supervision
  • A friendly Ear
  • Holistic Approach to your client’s needs
  • Plus much much more….

Being a therapist can be a lonely business. Come along and meet like minded people and please spread the word to others who you think may benefit. Who knows you may meet your the perfect connection for your therapy business.

Bring lots of business cards, leaflets and a smile 

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