carol smithers

carol smithers

carol smithers

Biographical Info I have worked as a general registered nurse registered midwife and currently, I’m a sister on a neonatal intensive care unit where I have worked for 29 years. I decided to become a clinical hypnotherapist to specialise in the areas I felt that was lacking in help and support I love my profession working in a neonatal unit so have transferred my skills into hypnotherapy I also recognise the lack of support for NHS workers as its a hard profession and I understand the culture and environment we work in and have already helped clients that work in the NHS and also offer a 10% discount I also offer support and coping strategies for vestibular as there is a lack of support and understanding for this condition

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Level Volunteer

Start Date 10/08/2021

Address 216 Canterbury Road
Sittingbourne, County (optional) ME10 4UJ

Phone Number 0 (773) 809-8497

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