Helena Jackson

Helena Jackson

Helena Jackson

Biographical Info As a qualified 'Baby Wearing Consultant', I am able to combine two of my passions: assisting in creating a secure attachment between child and parent and - coming from a waste management background - maximising the reuse of resources. Across all cultures, babies have been carried on their parents' bodies to offer safety, security and a host of developmental benefits for the child as well as allowing the parent to continue their jobs while nurturing their child. Many of these skills have been lost over generations in western cultures, so my work allows me to share the skills needed to carry a child safely and comfortably in a fabric wrap or soft structured carrier. I am a keen advocate of carrying children and benefitted from the closeness and practical help slings offer with both of my children. As a practical parenting tool, 'babywearing' can be invaluable. I run Stork and the Bees, Watford's Sling and Cloth Nappy Library, with free monthly Library sessions, one-to-one consultations and workshops to offer targeted support either in person across South Hertfordshire or online. In the library, I have many carriers available to try on and hire, making it easy and affordable for each family to find the right carrier for them. I also stock reusable nappies, for hire individually or in kits, to reduce the mountain of disposable nappy waste and save parents money. Hiring reusable nappies lets families find the right style an fit for them from amongst the mind-boggling array out there, with guidance and support in their use at every step of the way. Contact me at hello@storkandthebees.com or check what is in stock at hire.storkandthebees.com

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