Anxious, depressed, shocked – yes, I recognise my triggers to feelings of trauma, and, of course, I am traumatised by this pandemic. This is such a new and frightening experience. Some of my standard coping mechanisms cannot work – I often turn to my friends when I feel like this. Hugging is incredibly supportive, coffee and a natter I find enriches my soul, and my body now aches for those experiences and feelings. It was all those little things that I took for granted and boy am I missing them!

So, about four weeks ago I hit rock bottom. I cried for most of the weekend. I felt demotivated, sad, tired, and lacking in energy, lonely, I could not get on with things, and watched too much telly. But, somehow, after all those tears, something lifted, and since then I have been adjusting my routine and enjoying time in the sunshine in my garden and starting to find my mojo again! Thank goodness for my garden and connection to the living things of nature! Phew!

I have some new ideas developing for better ways of working and can feel my creativity coming back, so I guess I am beginning to adjust to this new normal, though I am still having my ups and downs. I know that this normal will change again, and I know some of the old normal will never come back but that is not all a bad thing.

I am now more able to value this time. There are a slower pace and more contemplative time, I have done a life and work review, and re-visited my values, and, what I want moving forward.

I know others have not experienced lockdown in this way. We all experience trauma differently, but depression, anxiety, weird dreams, sleeplessness, too much sleep, over/under-eating, over/underworking, de-motivation, doing too much/too little and more – can all be reactions to shock and trauma.

We know for sure we will not be coming out of lockdown to the world we had before. Some of the changes will be for the good, and some for the worse. So, if you are doing nothing – let yourself. It helps you to process these massive changes we’re all going through. We are all responding in our own ways to these traumatic events – so expect to feel strange. Maybe strange is the new normal! We need now to find ways to safely navigate re-emergence from lockdown so, I am sending my love to you all as we adjust to all this. Now, back to the garden……….and my mini lily pond!


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Linda Bishopp MA, DMS, Dip. Couns., Reg. MBACP, MTHF, TFT Alg. is a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Supervisor, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Thought Field Therapist. She has been practising therapy for the past 35 years. She founded The Therapists’ Network 5 years ago and since then, as well as working with her beloved clients, and supervisees, she has supported and mentored many therapists in starting up and running their businesses. She believes we can all be superb business people without losing our values or without losing the capacity to express our spirit with integrity and love.

My Experience of Lockdown (and my Garden is my Saviour!)