• Rachael Langford Complementary Therapies in Folkestone, Kent

    Business Name and Town: Core Therapies Folkestone
    Therapies Offered Here:

    -Deep Tissue Massage
    -Ear Candling
    -Food Intollerance Testing
    -Hot Stone Massage
    -Medical Herbalism
    -Natural Facelift Massage (facial rejuvenation)
    -Sports Massage
    -Structural Rebalancing
    -Swedish Body Massage

    Core Therapies is a complete complementary health and wellbeing centre. With a team of 10 therapists offering a multitude of treatments from physical therapies such as different types of Massage, Reflexology, Structural Re-balancing to talking therapies such as Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Medical Herbalism

  • Haya Kalechman Relationship Expert at The HolistiCentre, Barham, Canterbury, Kent

    Business Name and Town: Haya Kalechman Relationship Expert Canterbury
    Therapies Offered Here:

    Love & Relationship Coaching for individuals and couples
    Integrative Psychosexual Therapy for individuals and couples
    Integrative Bodywork Therapy individuals and couples
    Concious Touch for couples
    Sex Ed for Adults for individuals and couples
    Authentic Communication individuals and couples
    Boundaries and Consent work for individuals and couples
    Individual sessions
    Couples sessions
    Day intensives for individuals and couples
    Residential/non residential weekend intensives for individuals and couples

    Haya Kalechman Relationship Expert My specialism is to help *you* create the relationships you truly want. Love & Relationships Coaching Hi, my name is Haya, “Alive” in Hebrew, and I am a multi-trained and multi-skilled* Relationship Expert. I specialize in helping people of all ages, sexes and genders to create Read more [...]

  • Rachael Langford Owner and Therapist at Core Therapies Wellbeing Centre, Folkestone, Kent

    Business Name and Town: Core Therapies
    Therapies Offered Here:

    Aromatherapy Massage, Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Deep Tissue Massage, Food Intolerance Testing, Hot Stone Massage, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Herbalism, Natural Facelift Massage, Sports Massage, Structural Rebalancing, Thai Foot Massage

    Core Therapies is a complete Wellbeing Centre set in the fantastic Creative Quarter in Folkestone. We offer a large range of treatments including Food Intolerance Testing, Structural Rebalancing, Sports Massage, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and many many more.

  • Kate Munden at The Sunflower Centre SE4

    Business Name and Town: Delivering Mum and Personal Change Therapies
    Therapies Offered Here:

    Osteopathy, massage, yoga, pilates, talk therapies

    Here I offer individual consultations once a month and also run TRE (Trauma Release) Workshops for women monthly on a Friday evening.

  • Kate Munden at The Wellington Centre

    Business Name and Town: Personal Change Therapies/Delivering Mum
    Therapies Offered Here:

    Massage, pilates, reflexology, acupuncture, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)

    I am delighted to offer regular TRE (Trauma Release) Workshops here. TRE helps us increase our window of tolerance on the world by reducing the trigger neurophysiology that is stuck in patterns of fight, flight, freeze and play dead. These patterns can often manifest as insomnia, hypervigilance, anxiety and other Read more [...]


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