Claire Hirst

Geographical Area

Online and all of South East Kent


Alongside co-running the Therapists’ Network Claire helps sole traders run their businesses using Powerful Insightful Coaching, Art-Based Business Planning, Simple Work/Life Balance Solutions, Homemade Photography, DIY SEO Techniques, Easy Peasy Content Creation and much much more…

Specialist Subjects

Geeky Stuff:
* Google Digital Marketing
* WordPress and associated software
* Book-keeping and P&L analysis
* Sole-Trader Projections (Financial)
* Photography
* Design
* Management
* Photoshop
* MS Office
* Google products and services
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Lightroom
* Pinnacle, Avid and Lightworks Video Editing Suites

Caring Stuff:
Solve Your Problems
Have Breakthroughs
Learn Organisational Skills
Be Creative
Let Your Confidence Soar
Love Yourself and aAve Body Confidence
Utilise your fears
Remove Shame and Guilt
Stick by your Ethics and Values
Find Time For Yourself
Love Fiercely
Overcome Your Blocks