Many people have heard that Reiki is energy healing or spiritual healing, but what does that mean exactly? Well. Let’s start with the premise that “Everything in the Universe is Energy”. This is not only a concept that has been explored in all major religions and spiritual traditions, but has been the acknowledged basis for most ancient healing traditions.

We all have energy that moves through and around our body all the time.  I tend to refer to this as “life force energy”. This is a fairly common term to hear among energy healers. This can also be called prana, qi, chi, or ki. Another term is spirit. This is why Reiki is often referred to as spiritual healing.

There is nothing particularly mysterious about this energy, no more so than other types of energy, except that it is invisible to the naked eye for most of us. Sunlight also has many different kinds of energy.  Consider the use that we get from microwave energy and x-ray energy every day in the modern world, or from the electricity that powers our appliances and the wi-fi signal which allows the connection of our internet. We take these energies for granted all day long, and yet we had no idea they existed even 150 years ago.

Energy is everywhere and we are literally energy beings. Our brains and hearts function because of energy signals. The cells of our bodies and the neurons of our brains interact with each other because of energy. We interact with others and the world because of energy signals that we give and receive.

Many see the life force energy as being what connects us to our Higher Power, or God. Reiki is considered Universal Energy, which can be seen as the source of all life force energy, from which all energy flows. That depends upon your view. However, no matter what your views, the energy remains. That is not affected by your religious affiliation or lack thereof, nor by the Reiki practitioner’s views or affiliations.

Reiki is simply energy based and has no particular affiliation. It works directly with the Universal Source of all life force, for the greatest and highest good, to bring balance to your energy field, since your health and well-being are influenced by how your energy flows in your body.  It simply is.


Clare Ford is a Reiki Master Teacher and author and mindset coach. Clare’s primary focus is restorative Reiki in pregnancy, where she enables mums-to-be to connect energetically and spiritually with their growing baby. She also facilitates classes and workshops about Reiki and spiritual growth and offers Reiki Attunements to pregnant couples. You can follow her at:
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