Upcoming Meetings:

Leader: Wendy Watson and Kelly Foord

Our Sandwich group is brand new and we managed one physical meeting before lockdown.  Wendy and I were blown away by the interest on Facebook and how many people attended the first meeting.  We just kept catching each other’s eye across the circle and grinning, the energy was great!  Everyone there was very responsive and interactive with each other.

“I work from my therapy cabin in rural Worth, near Sandwich.  It is a tranquil and serene space where I get to practice outside on the covered deck in the summer amongst the sounds and smells of nature. I am a trained Health Care Assistant and Phlebotomist, having worked for the NHS for over 20 years and I am also a qualified Fitness Instructor.  In 2018 I trained in Reflexology, also practising Indian Head Massage and Reiki.  More recently I learned Bergman Method Facial Reflexology which is an amazing, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.  I offer a Top & Toe treatment consisting of 30 minutes of “stress-busting” Facial Reflexology and 60 minutes of Foot Reflexology which leaves clients floating out the door with lovely glowing skin. Once a week I volunteer my therapies at the Pilgrims Hospices offering treatments to palliative care patients and we are currently offering Distance Reiki sessions until we can be hands-on again.” – Kelly


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