After 30 collagen doesn’t work so effectively so skin on the face kind of forgets how to constantly nourish and repair and keep skin smooth and young.

Acupuncture is a new weapon nowadays and provides ‘Anti Ageing’ without the chemicals. It is a safe and healthy way to get the desired outcome.

When Acupuncture needles are placed in different points around the face, those tiny needles create a minute trauma on the skin so that it can ‘remember’ collagen’s work. This is a small reminder to collagen that its duty is to repair and heal, so collagen suddenly remembers ‘oh yeah! this what I am meant to do!

When acupuncture needles are placed on various points within the body and face those points promote the vitality and nourishment within whole body, Acupuncture is all about blood & qi. If you have free flow of blood/qi you have no problem.

You know the old saying ‘Healthy Body and Healthy You’!

Kam Winchester, Lic.Ac.BSc(Hons).MBAcC works from her clinic, Acupuncture in Eden, in Edenbridge, Sussex.

T: 07861 216992 E: W:



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