Does Counselling Work?


From time to time, the counsellors among us have all worked with clients, who “say all the right things”.

On the surface, sessions are going well, improvements and progress are being made.

But, are we getting to the truth about what clients really think of us, as therapists?

Truth Counselling Newcastle undertook research to find out, from the mouths of clients – Does Counselling Work? Are clients happy with the outcomes from counselling?

And, importantly, are they happy with *how* counselling is done?

The results were both reassuring… and concerning:

– 74% were satisfied their counsellor could help them
– 38% of clients agreed their issue was resolved by counselling
– The #1 problem clients had, was finding the right counsellor

The research looked in-depth, at the results clients experienced from counselling, as well as the key tenets of the counsellor-client relationship.

There are also some practical pointers for the counsellors among us, on how to use the results to improve your practice.

The full results can be found here: