The Therapists’ Network First Annual Conference was held on the 30th September at The HolistiCentre, Broome Park Golf and Country Club in Barham, near Canterbury.

We kept it small, with spaces for only 40 people to attend for the first year, just to see what response we got, and what people thought of the day.

We sold all 40 tickets and had 37 people there on the day, so I am delighted about that! The feedback received was excellent with most people getting a lot out of attending. All the workshops were interesting and informative, as well as being interactive. See the photos of the workshop facilitators in action!

Kush Kumar, Chairman of the Complementary Therapies Association, came to open the event and talked about the value of being a member of a professional association.

Kate Munden gave a workshop on How We Process Stress – Kate is a TRE (Tension, Stress &Trauma Releasing Exercises) Mentor and works with trauma survivors, and specialises supporting women with birth trauma. She explained our natural stress responses and how when these get stuck we can stop functioning properly. She discussed how accessing the stuck trauma using the body can help to gently release it. If we change our physiology we can change our psychology.  TRE teaches you exercises that allows the client to access their innate ability to tremor or shake frozen trauma patterns from the body, without getting stuck in the story (or stories!) of what happened. Kate commented on her experience of our first conference, ‘A wonderful, relaxed conference with some incredible therapists. Full of connecting, sharing and learning. I can’t wait for next year’.

Sharon Lynn gave a workshop on Vibrational Healing – Sharon talked about using tools to offer healing, such as divinity cards, feathers, crystals etc, however she stressed that once we (the healer) are a clear channel, we need no tools, we can just be with our client.

Grace DaSilva-Hill gave a workshop on Be Stress-free with EFT – Grace showed us how to use tapping on the meridian points in the body to release beliefs, and physical and emotional conditions that no longer serve us. This can also work with animals, using a human as a surrogate.

Melody Cheal gave a workshop on Running Your Own Brain -Melody explained about us all having conditioned beliefs from our culture, elders, family, school etc., and described methods for overcoming any negative messages that we have learnt.

At lunchtime Pauline Brown gave us a demonstration of Horse Sports Massage (obviously outside in  the delightful grounds) and Indie, a lovely white pony, was patient and evidently enjoyed Pauline’s healing hands. It was fascinating to see the horse’s responses (snorting and changes in breathing) in response to Pauline’s ministrations – horses love massage too!

Pauline said, ‘Coming from a psychology background and then moving onto massage therapy with a totally holistic approach with humans, I am delighted to now being able to work with horses in the same way, also including Reiki and some shiatsu.  She stressed the importance of gaining trust with the animal, some of which have either come from an area of some trauma either physical or mental, and then a pre-treatment of testing so important before treating any horse – this will help to identify any areas of stress or discomfort that the horse may be experiencing and obviously cannot tell us themselves!  All massages are carried out after a full consultation with the owner and if at any time the horse is becoming stressed in any way then the treatment would stop’.

Caroline Armstrong also gave an excellent session of Mindfulness meditation in the middle of the day. As she said, ‘Mindfulness is an invitation for people to return to themselves and the present moment for a short while during the middle of this busy and exciting day. This can help refresh one’s attention for the afternoon workshops.’


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