There are two important changes happening with us in the next couple of months which may affect you so please take a moment to read on…


From tomorrow, we are changing how you book to come to a meeting:


Our old system of registration (via Zoom) was set up in haste during the early Covid-19 outbreak. It is not compatible with our (hopeful return) to meeting face-to-face in the near future, alongside remaining an online offer for those that cannot travel. It didn’t support us in offering two free meetings and we couldn’t let those that attend try out other member benefits.

So, instead, with immediate effect, we are now offering registration directly through our website via a trial membership (still using Zoom for the actual meeting but you book through us)

This gives you a month to:

    • Attend any of our weekly meetings, not just two of them
    • Advertise your services by adding yourself to our directory (and we share your profile with our social media followers too)
    • Promote your own events or training on our website (and we share it with our social media followers too)
    • Add your own articles/blog to the website for us to share across our social channels.
    • Become a part of our heart-led community, tackling loneliness amongst therapists, holding out a guiding hand to therapists that are newer to their practice, supporting you through the surprises and questions you may have when running your own therapy practice.
    • Empowering you to become a brilliant therapist and, in turn, help the world become a healthier and happier place by helping others. Pay it forward!




From 1st May we are changing our pricing:


As the Network and its’ needs grow so we have had to put systems in place and begin a program of improving the website and our services. Whilst we do this as economically as possible (I do most of the website myself where I can and our fab volunteers help run things) the costs are mounting and, despite trying to fund it myself, I just cannot do that anymore and therefore need to find the funds within our community.

All new members will benefit from a one month trial in which to try us out and attend some meetings, advertise themselves etc…all as part of the membership.

So, from 1st May Our annual membership will remain at £110 per year but, the fee to pay monthly will raise from £10 to £15 per month.

If you join(ed) us before 1st May 2021 your price will not be increased and will remain at £10 per month for the life of your membership

To come to our meetings and enjoy the benefits of being a member you can start your trial by clicking the button below. It’s an auto-renewal subscription that you can cancel at any time. Come and try us out for yourself.

If you have any questions or need any help then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can do this by either replying to this email, send a message directly to or text me on 07816161274 and I will call you back.

Kindest regards,

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