Today we kick-started our (usually face-to-face) local meetings with our Medway group, run by Dymphna D’Costa.

We have decided to continue online meetings as the restrictions on travel and meeting up is still in place but everyone has been pleasantly surprised by how uplifted we all feel after we have met – even if it is n Zoom 🙂

We had a special guest speaker, Iulia Barta, Medical Herbalist with a talk titled ‘Supporting You Naturally Through Menopause.

We discovered that a medical herbalist is trained in the same skills as a GP and can prescribe Herbal Medicine to work alongside other medications.

Amongst my notes, I discovered that it would be wise for me, as a Peri-Menopausal woman, to support symptoms with the following:

  • To avoid caffeine, alcohol and highly spiced foods if they coincide with symptoms as they can exacerbate them.
  • That consuming high-quality fats are good for me.
  • That going on a crazy or strict diet at this time could be especially harmful to my bones.
  • That Magnesium and Vitamin B-Complex supplements may be beneficial to me as an individual.  They can aide the prevention of Osteoporosis and Osteo-Arthritis.
  • Evening Primrose Oil can be good for those that are Peri-Menopausal.
  • That getting proper, well-trained advice is key to helping symptoms
  • That tinctures etc are best purchased from a proper Medical Herbalist instead of cheap high-street versions as the dose can be made up correctly for your needs.
  • That fermented foods (especially soy – Miso Paste, Tempah and Tofu for example) are excellent for our health.

We also learned a bit about the dangers of sugar raising our blood-sugar levels and changing our bowel flora in a negative way.  That eating sugar is not so terrible but that the key is to have some after a meal, and not as a lone-snack or a meal replacement.  Magnesium and protein can also help stabilise blood sugar when eating sweet food too and chromium can help stave off chocolate cravings (if I remember correctly)

If you could like to learn more about how a medical herbalist such as the lovely Iulia could help your symptoms on any issue, not just menopause, visit her website

She is extremely well qualified and knowledgeable.  From her website:

3 years full-time degree + 1 Year Foundation in Bioscience at The University of Westminster in London.
Completing over 500 clinical hours in a Polyclinic observing and treating patients suffering from a variety of conditions.
Further training at the Whipps Cross Hospital – Herbal Medicine Dermatology Department.
Professional accreditation
My degree is fully accredited by the European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

NIMH is the United Kingdom’s leading professional body and voluntary regulator of herbal practitioners Since 1864


Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology
Systems Pathology & Differential Diagnosis
Botanical Medicine
Making Herbal Medicines
Dietetics and Dietary Therapy
Nutritional Therapy
Dissertation on “Herbal Medicine Approaches to Insomnia“

Initial consultation at the time of writing is £75 for 90 minutes and follow-ups are just £45.

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