Yesterday I attended a business lunch with The Therapist’s Network and, on the journey there, I was pondering the reason why I ‘bristle’ at traditional business advice.

For me, it does not really sing to my heart?

I look at all the “overnight success”, “Get 1000 leads per month”, “Earn ££££’s within-year” stories on Facebook and I worry about my fellow, heart-led businesswomen friends.

You see overnight or instant ‘success’ is incredibly rare. Building your business takes time. Quite a long time (it’s worth it though so don’t give up)

Being ‘successful’ in the traditional sense is overrated. It’s all a matter of balance.

“But why on earth would you want a business that is not successful”?

I know it seems counter-intuitive but it all rather depends on how you define success.

We are coming out of an age where success used to mean “being at the top” “earning the most” “getting a big house/more stuff/flash car etc…

In essence, success has been defined in the material.

However, I believe we are moving into an age where people, especially the feminine, require a balanced life.

An age where success is no longer material but instead focuses on creating a way to pay the bills, have all that you need and spend time with those you love.

Being present in their lives. A life without guilt.

For us, success means not working 60 hour weeks, but finding a way to meet our needs (not feed the greedy ‘wants’) and share what’s truly precious with those closest to us.

Even Lord Sugar wished he had been more balanced!

Success means learning to say no to too much extra work. Saying yes to walks in the woods.

Success means saying no to scrubbing the house like a maniac, missing out on invitations, saying yes to coffee with a friend (and catching up with some housework after).

It does not mean being rich in money, having more stuff, being the most popular.

It means being rich in experience and human connection, having more interactions, having a select circle.

Fame and fortune? That’s not for the balanced life.

Working and living harmoniously? Hell yeah! That’s life for me.

Balance and peace. Tell me what you think. You can safely have your say in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Claire XXX

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